The sustainable way to get and stay in shape

Are you tired of being in a poor shape because of your busy schedule?

Do you find it difficult to be strict with a workout routine or a diet?

Have you been struggling to get in shape before?

That makes you feel bad 
physically and mentally especially when you are busy with multiple projects

It's just wrong to be successful in other parts of your life, but not in maintaining a healthy and good looking body

I understand I've been there

That was me a couple of years ago

Working long hours as a typical architect and trying to have a social life. Also developing my website with tutorials for architects and devoting time for my other nerdy hobby - making music.  I didn't have time for long exercising sessions, I didn't even have the time to eat properly. 

Or so I thought. 

I tried and failed several times - I tried diets, workouts, supplements and even weight loss pills. And I didn't achieve anything. 


I had to dig deeply into scientific research about fitness, hormones, sleep, psychology and biology. I hired coaches. I tried different things until I found what was actually working for someone on a busy schedule. 

Then I compiled the essence of that information in the book  so you don't have to go through all of that. 

Radoslav Samardzhiev

Catchy Graphics, Founder

Viktor was guiding me personally while he was writing the book. Now that I've read it I can say it contains all the essential information that helped me get in shape while managing and developing my company.

Nicole Marshall


For me, the book was eye-opening. It was really easy to read and it made me realize why I failed before. It turns out it's easy to keep progressing once you have the right information and mindset.

Why Diets don't work?

Find out why most of the diets out there do not provide long-term solutions to the problem

Why have you failed before?

The reasons people often fail to get in shape

Why do we crave sugar and fat?

The real reason why do we crave sugar and fat and how to deal with it.

You can enjoy your success in life while also being fit and healthy

In the eBook you can find:

  • My personal story and how I got in the best shape of my life, while working 9 to 5, having an active social life and time for my side activities.
  • Why have I failed before? The reasons people often fail to get in shape for a long time.
  • What is the dark side of the fitness industry?
  • Why do we crave sugar and fat?
  • Do diets work?
  • What should you do to get and stay in shape?
  • How to easily and efficiently track your food intake and workouts?
  • Why jogging is a waste of time?
  • What to do if you feel going to the gym is boring?
  • How to deal with some problems that you might experience on your way to get fit.